Our services

Lisberg is one of Sweden’s top, leading recruitment companies, specifically specialised in high-profile international Executive Search. We have 30 years experience of successful recruitment of many top executives to both the private industry and the public sector.


Within our business areas we are in possession of unique expertise when it comes to identifying the needs of an organisation and its management’s future development. Lisberg’s highly experienced consultants first evaluate an organisation’s requirements and then tailor-make a solution to suit them. Our mission is not simply to fill a vacant spot, far from it. Our aim is to create success by implementing a system of recruitment which is meticulous and cutting-edge. Good managers and good management are irreplaceable when it comes to the future success of our clients.


The success of our business model is due, to a great extent, to the amount of energy we put into stepping into our clients’ shoes. We build up an in-depth understanding of the client’s business, the organisation, work environment and corporate culture in order to be able to start looking for the right person in order to identify, select, test and match the right person with the right position.


Most of our clients have worked with us for many years, which we rightly believe is a testament to our success. Long-term, good cooperation means we build up in-depth knowledge of each client’s company, organisation or group of companies, knowledge that will prove invaluable when it comes to their next important recruitment.


We would be more than happy to meet you to discuss your requirements – it could be the start of a long-term working relationship.

Our areas of expertise are:

• Executive Search

• Management Assessment

• Board Value

Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes
- Oscar Wilde