Our values: business-oriented professionalism and confidence

Commitment and professionalism

The fact we must always be at the height of professionalism might seem obvious, however our definition of professionalism is important. Our consultants have extensive experience of senior positions within the private and public sector. They can therefore gain swift insight into a clients’ business organisation and make an assessment of client needs, by gaining a perspective into the business, the organisation and the corporate culture of that client. We at Lisberg are passionately and fully committed to every assignment – it is deeply rooted in our company history and our corporate culture.

Business oriented professionalism 

We believe that a business oriented and professional attitude to our clients’ business goals is a prerequisite for success.  Our aim of contributing to increasing our clients’ profitability, longterm and shortterm, is a fundamental and all important criteria of all our Executive Search and assessment/audit assignments. On completion of assignment, all Lisberg clients are asked to complete an evaluation of the process and outcome and report back – a system we use as a method of quality controlling the success of our methods.

We constantly monitor developments within the area of human resources. Naturally all opportunity to further develop ourselves, our staff and our skills as professionals, we see as beneficial. We have a wide and highly qualified network of contacts, which we use when looking for the most suitable candidates.


Every assignment is unique and this places certain specific demands on our consultants. As a company we are always willing to listen and always willing to face the music, at the same time as we are unafraid to question issues or completely re-think the situation, if needed. The trust placed by our clients in our methods is the key to success. All companies and employees have strengths and weaknesses, similarities and differences, all of which must be taken into account in order for the right person to end up in the right position and for the organisation to develop in the right direction.


We use only quality assured, well established and standardised tools for personality profiling and assessment/ audit. We have the expertise to customise our tools according to the client’s needs and preferences.